SaferStraps™ Bio Bucket Universal Radio Holster (Radio Holster Only)

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Introducing the SaferStrap™  Bio Bucket S1 Universal Radio Holster. (Radio Bucket only Does not include strap) This Unique Design accommodates most Radios with out interfering with the operational features of your most valuable communication tool. The SaferStrap™ Bio Bucket can be completly decontaminated with Biocide/Cavicide or CITROSQUEEZE® to remove fire ground contaminantes and rapidly return to service with minimal downtime. Pair the Bio Bucket with the LMR Radio Strap to equip yourself with the Safer Strap Solution. The Internal dimensions 2.5 inches in by 1.50 in. If  you require a specific size for your radio, please email us and will will gladly make a custom size at no additional cost. 

Limitations of Use

Firefighting is a hazardous occupation. Structural firefighting equipment and accessories have limitations. Saferstraps products do not protect the user from radiological or direct flame hazards. Saferstraps products are not a rescue harness and should not be used in this fashion. Avoid direct contact with flame or molten metals.

Temperature, the amount of contact time, cuts, tears, or physical wear that damage the Strap and accessories or exposure to certain chemicals can all influence the straps ability to be resistant to hazards.