A New Fire Service Tradition.

Introducing the SaferStrap™ Line

The First Field Cleanable Radio Strap


My department recently got rid of all of our leather radio straps and switched to the safer strap. We couldn't be happier with the quality of the product. We are taking steps to reduce the cancer risks to our employees and this is a great step towards that goal. The service and support form the Safer Strap company has been outstanding. Dustin & Lynn have been a pleasure to work with. We will also be switching all of our uniform belts to Safer strap belts and are looking forward to it. 

Scott Gardiner District Chief Brevard County FL Fire Rescue

The functionality of the Safer Strap rival’s other competitors, but what separates them from other radio straps is its non-absorbent material used in construction.  This makes decontaminating and cleaning a simple process, and more importantly, this eliminates exposure to harmful carcinogens from the strap itself with direct skin contact.  The Safer Strap is a great example of a product that has been redesigned with firefighter health as the priority.  



Assistant Chief Rick Hartzog Lakeland Fire Department

After purchasing my radio strap, I found out just how much cleaner it was when I put it on. After every use, I am able to quickly clean it without having to put it out of service or use a back up strap. It also holds up under extreme conditions with no issues. I think every firefighter should use this strap so they can keep contaminants off their clothes and body.

Jeremy Hurd. EMS Captain PBCFR

We have had an opportunity to field trial 3 different brands. The HO (Homeland-Six),

The Sgt. Radio Strap and the Safer Strap. While all are deconable/washable, the Safer strap allows you to simply wipe down the strap as opposed to having to throw it in the washer.

Neal de Jesus Fire Chief

As a cancer survivor, I wanted something that I could clean and would stand up to daily abuse of medical calls and fires. What I didn’t realize is that after using it not only did the soot and grime easily wash off but the other non- mentionables we deal with moving patients and the things we come in contact with. I know when I clean my Saferstrap there in no residue left behind, the guys with the other straps I’m not quite sure of. We now have them department wide and couldn’t be happier with this product.



Lt. Jacob Lee Rockledge Fire Department, FL

I have made it my mission to educate first responders on every area of physical and mental health through the podcast.  Safer Straps are one of those innovations that will undoubtedly have a significate impact on reducing the exposure to carcinogens.  Having a strong, durable and decomtaminatable strap is imperative to minimize the contamination to both ourselves and our families.

James Geering Firefighter/Paramedic and host of the Behind the Shield Podcast

We bought the Saferstrap radio straps for all of our personnel on the department in an effort to decrease our exposure to the toxins that today’s fire produce. The radio straps have meet our expectations and so far has held up to the abuse that we put them through on a daily basis. We tested the straps in live fire scenarios before purchasing them and we were impressed with the ease of clean up, durability, and the elimination of exposure that leather straps do not provide. Great strap and great company to work with.

Captain James G. Meyer, Jr. SLCFD

Built for Firefighters, by Firefighters

We are a first responder family dedicated to reducing the unnecessary risks firefighters take while they serve the community they love. We believe in taking a detailed look at the current equipment used in the fire service, and through cutting-edge science and research partnerships, better identify what adaptive changes we need to make as an industry to ultimately help firefighters live long into a healthy retirement.

Portions of proceeds provide financial assistance to firefighters undergoing cancer treatment at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Centers as well as progressive safety organizations like The Florida Firefighter Safety and Health Collaborative.

The SaferStraps Solution

Made in the USA

- Safer Straps™, Radio system materials are locally sourced, made with BioThane®,  and assembled by first responders in the USA.

- Safer Straps™ are Designed to help enhance new standards within the fire service such as the Clean Cab Concept and On Scene Decon practices.

- Safer Straps™, are made with BioThane® which was First introduced to the EMS market in 1998. Safer Straps™ are cut with precision laser technology and fully thermal sealed at all cuts and hardware penetrations for a completely encapsulated and sanitary solution.

The SaferStraps Solution

- 100% waterproof and cleanable with antibacterial/antimicrobial soap or CITROSQUEEZE® PPE & Turnout Gear Cleaner 

- No specialized equipment or pretreatment of material required.

- A simple cleaning method allows for minimal downtime: wash in soapy water, rinse, wipe dry, and return to service.

- For biological exposure or heavy soiling, we recommend the following to disinfect our straps (choose ONE of the following):

Wipe down surface  with 70% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol. (For Stubborn odors.)

10% bleach solution (take the bleach out of the bottle, at 6.5% active ingredient, and dilute 1 part to 9 parts water.

Envirocide (follow directions on bottle).*Cavicide (follow directions on bottle).*

*We do not specifically endorse the effectiveness of these products only that they will not harm Saferstraps in proper use.  

For additional information on Envirocide, please visit http://www.metrex.com/products/surface-disinfectants/envirocide


For additional information on Cavicide, please visit http://www.metrex.com/products/surface-disinfectants/cavicide.

Quality Materials and Construction

- Assembled with stainless hardware and rivets for superior durability

- 3M® High Vis Reflective Sway strap and lapel keepers for increased safety and visibility at night from both the front and rear

- Constructed of TPU latex-free coated polyester flat webbing

- TPU is currently widely in use in the fire service as the number one material choice for stretcher covers, inner lining of fire hose, and harnesses where biological or chemical permeation hazards exist.

What is on the strap around your neck?

After One Year of Service

It's time to ask the question: Are you wearing a fully sealed  radio strap solution that can truly and thoroughly be decontaminated with confidence?

For More Information Please Contact us at Saferstrap@gmail.com 

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