What is TPU Material?

 We here at SaferStraps™ use an innovative product called BioThane® . BioThane® was first introduced to the EMS market in 1998, BioThane is the inventor and manufacturer BioThane® Patient Restraints.

BioThane has become the top cleanable solution for the Medical Strap Market.   

Applications include:

Patient restraints, including patient physical restraints, Cleanable gait belts, Safe patient handling and patient positioning products, Inflatable air splints, Emergency stair chairs and evacuation chairs, Shoulder straps for medical equipment bags Limb lifting devices, wheelchair straps, safety harnesses, lanyards, and decontamination belts.


Lifetime Cost Reduction

The Safer Strap™ impacts department budgets by reducing repeated replacement costs.  A zero stretch design means decreased stock replacement given the Safer Strap’s 1000lb break strength and a buckle that endures up to 200lb of buckle pull. SaferStraps offers the only Field Cleanable Radio strap on the market that allows for an instant return to service and elimination for a strap swap program.


Is there data available on this material?