Bio Belt Pro

Leather is a highly absorbent material that encircles your body with exposure right at your waistline. Your belt is right in the line of fire for splash and particulate bio hazard transfer from the patient to you. This transfer then follows you back to your fire station and ultimately back to your family.

You already utilize universal safety precautions such as eye protection, trauma sleeves, and disposable gloves that are swapped out after every patient contact and exposure to better protect yourself from the hazards encountered in “the line of duty.” Take the next step and remove the danger posed by highly absorbent leather.

Your leather belt is a toxic magnet that attracts blood borne pathogen bacteria, carcinogens, and viruses. You wash your station wear after
a splash exposure yet you put the same leather sponge right back on after you decontaminated your clothing.

If you wear nylon, it’s time to ask yourself two important questions. First, when was the last time you performed a full 10-minute saturation soak of your “rescue belt” in an approved biocide to remove all of the nasty bio buildup? Second, do you have multiple “duty belts” at your disposal while on shift so that your beloved rescue belt can take the necessary time to dry and you can remain in service?

The fully encapsulated convenience of the Safer Strap Bio Belt stops absorption at the source with its high-strength flat webbing and full TPU coated all-sealed surface. The Bio Belt allows the first responder to wear with confidence and know that after every exposure the station belt they rely on shift after shift can be truly decontaminated and immediately returned back to active service.

For confidence you can count and a superior sanitary solution, armor yourself with the Safer Strap Bio Belt today.

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